April 2022 Updates
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April 2022 Updates

Hello, friends. As you might have guessed from the silence lately, I'm switching up the newsletter. I've decided that my formal newsletter, Modern Adventuress, which has rolled on for almost eight years now, has ended. I'm spending more time at my website these days, and most of what I previously sent in the newsletter (links, reading/watching/listening notes, essays), I will be posting on my website, which, by the way, I freshly redesigned. The new newsletter is rebranded and streamlined: I'll be sending out updates about once a month, and each edition will round up what I've put on my website and elsewhere. Pretty much the same stuff, just different format.

This month's round-up of what's on the website:

Over at my podcast, Quiet Little Horrors:

  • Our mini episode of April covers the Guatemalan film La Llorona, which very pleasantly surprised me. I highly recommend it.
  • April's full-length episode drops tomorrow, the first of May, and in it we discuss one of my favorite horror movies from last year: The Medium. So go ahead and subscribe and stuff.

A huge, heartfelt thank-you to all of you who have been reading my newsletter over the years. It helped me communicate and write when I didn't have other functional outlets, and I'm grateful for the supportive audience. I hope that you find it's not much different to read over at my website. 🖤

As always, you can also follow me on Twitter or email me at hello@jenmyers.net.

Don't worry, we're still here.